My Vision

Create a company that from its inception, would be far reaching, and have a long lifetime in business. From our film & t.v. productions, to our new product creation project’s, our goal is to fulfill the timeless needs and requirements of our humanity with inspirational content, and simplistic creativity.


Diane Elisa Falzone

CEO, President

Born a native New Yorker, Diane E. Falzone, Business Developer, Entrepreneur, began working at the age of 15. Working summers at National Cargo Bureau, and Fred S. James, gave her a head start for the world of business. Through the years, she has maintained her connections and relations in the industries of the arts, real estate, investment management, and travel.


Diane began her full time business career in the film industry working for Avco Embassy Pictures as Client Relations Coordinator for private screenings, (pre release phase). She worked with films such as; Soldier Blue, The Day of the Dolphin, Carnal Knowledge, and The Adventurers. Working closely with Joseph E. Levine, Andy Petrow and Nathan Chianti, was a great learning experience. There she stayed for five years, until Avco Embassy Pictures moved to California. Diane decided not to move from her native New York, and went on to Fred S. James, a Wall Street firm, where she worked as an Assistant Acct. Exec., for five years, until she started her family.


Once her children were in full time school, Diane became a real estate agent for Home Finders USA. She then co-founded UniService Systems, a trading company business that purchased and sold goods globally. She maintained that company for six years, before selling her share to her partner.


Taking some time off to spend with her family, and travelling, Diane regenerated her focus on what to do next in business. Her goals were multifaceted, bringing a lifetime of experience and visions to a reality.


Diane is a faithful member of, and has served at Calvary Assembly Of GOD Church in Staten Island, N.Y., for 18 years to present, as nursery attendant, and director. In addition, she has served on the Board for the past 8+ years to present, as both Council Secretary and Treasurer. Diane chaired the 2011’ “ETC Gala Journal”, as well as assisting in the coordinating of this event. Diane was also an integral part of Calvary’s 50th Anniversary celebration committee. Diane has also been a part of Calvary’s “Leadership Summit” team for the past five years. All of these endeavor’s, by GOD’s Grace, have been a great success! Since November 2018, Diane has been the director of the CAG Food Pantry that serves all of New York City's clients.


Diane is, Partner/Producer/CD/BD, with Looking For GOD Productions, LLC. Her vision for this film is that it’s much needed, inspirational message will be far reaching, and have a long life for viewers everywhere.


Diane began the company, DiaRoseProductions, LLC. – WeCareCreations Enterprises, with a purpose to bring to the community and beyond, business development and new product creations, with her sites on philanthropy endeavors as a result. Diana has now launched her newly patented folio products Andaré Volaré by My Office Connection. Coming to market soon! In development, and pre production, is our full feature film "Looking For God".


The projects in development, and pre production, portray a clear message, they are all about “caring”, henceforth… “WeCareCreationsEnterprises” was birthed. Every one of these projects are needed, will fill a void, and be an inspiration to many if not all it can reach.


It is my prayer that,… “DiaRoseProductions… WeCareCreationsEnterprises, will be a blessing to everyone it can reach”.


Diane is a native New Yorker. She is the proud wife of Michael, mother of Michael and Paul, mother in law to Maureen, and grandmother to Makenzie Rose.