Looking for GOD


Looking For GOD the song

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Louisborelli: Looking for God

Copyrighted in 2010’


Looking For God - Music Video





A special needs kid from Brooklyn, overcomes some of life’s obstacles, and leads his dysfunctional Italian community back to their faith in GOD after a tragic accident and near death experience makes everyone’s prayers come true.

Daniel, is an unusual teenager who talks to GOD. And the magical man in heaven talks back. Despite Daniel witnessing a tragic accident that rattles the community, he remains too innocent to be cynical or unhappy. His vision of everyone as perfect, despite their glaring imperfections, makes him both endearing and inspiring.

Daniel is surrounded by many players, most of which are unsavory types, but Daniel’s love for everyone transcends all barriers, and changes what would have been the inevitable in their lives, to a life better lived.

Because of one boy’s Faith and Hope, many a lives were changed.




Written by, Louis Borelli

Written by, Vincent Maligno

Petina Cole, Producer

Diane Falzone, Principle Partner/CD/Producer

Christopher Gregorio, Prin/Producer


Joy Behar

Tony Sirico

Vincent Curatola

Kathrine Narducci

Suzanne Shepherd

Dina Cataldi

Zack Norman

Nancy Pierre

Saskia Lynge

Deborah Larissa

Marisa Tomei - in discussion

Bobby Cannavale - in discussion

Logan Lehrman- in discussion