Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing

Since 2010, ProMedia has provided top-notch direct response marketing to all kinds of companies. The main goal of direct response marketing is to make things happen now. It sends targeted messages to prospective customers to encourage a specific action. A few examples might be buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or referring a friend. Small businesses benefit significantly from direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing educates customers without selling to them and creates a company dialogue. The messages are compelling and may solve a customer's existing problem. Customers do not feel pressured to do something, so direct response marketing is more ethical. It also provides customers an easy way to carry out a call to action and do it quickly. The best direct response marketing campaign has one call to action. ProMedia will help your company make things clear and concise.

  • Television

Your media buying test will include research on competitors and a full media plan. Our platform has dashboards that will give you real-time reports and results. There is a performance review at the end of each test. Those results will help you decide the next steps to start the campaign. We will help your company buy the following media; cash, pay per action, performance, English/Spanish, and short/long form. We will also help with media planning and analytics.

  • Outdoors

Your company will have round the clock exposure with our outdoor marketing services. We know where to place ads and attract your company's ideal target audience. ProMedia knows how to create imaginative direct response marketing campaigns for maximum return on investment. We offer static, digital, and mobile billboards and transit ads.

  • Radio

ProMedia has its studio and in-house radio talent for your company's direct response marketing campaign. Our radio network includes satellite, terrestrial, local, regional, and streaming radio. Just like television ads, we can work in paid and performance media. Your company's marketing campaign will be seen and heard across the nation.

  • Production

Your company will see tangible results for the ads produced by ProMedia. We take care of finding talent, directing, editing, and crafting the script. Your company's ads will be produced with the best equipment available. We will also help with media buying, marketing distribution, and monitoring the campaign's performance. Our green screen studio has high definition video, audio, and lighting. We can also help you find a place to film on location and create a schedule that works for everyone involved.

  • Analytics

ProMedia will help you track the direct response marketing campaign's success. Our marketing analytics platform is highly detailed, customizable, and can even predict a direct response marketing campaign's future success. Google Analytics, DRMetrix, and Nielson are just a few of the software programs used at ProMedia. You will have 24/7 access to the analytics software.

For more information about our direct response marketing services, please call 1-866-851-LEAD. You can also fill out your information on the contact page or send a private email to

Direct Response Marketing
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