Boudoir Photography Orange County

Boudoir Photography Orange County

For the best boudoir photography in Orange County, contact Caroline Malouf of carolinemalouf PHOTOGRAPHY. I have an extensive background in photographing all the different types of boudoir shots. Check out my portfolios right here on my website to see for yourself. Whether you are a first-time model or you are experienced in front of the lens, I can help you make the most out of your boudoir shoot!

Contact me by email or by phone to discuss your boudoir shoot objectives. You can find my contact information on the Contact page of this website. For now, let's take a look at the different types of boudoir photography in Orange County, all of which I am experienced in photographing.

Artistic or Implied Nude

This is an artistic form of a boudoir shoot. It doesn't matter about your age, body type, or body size. With me as your photographer, we'll use the best hacks to hide or minimize any unfavorable features that you have and accentuate your best ones. Artistic or implied nude is one of the most elegant forms of boudoir photography, and you'll want to make sure you have at least one such photo for your home.

Fashion Magazine Boudoir

If you think about Maxim, GQ, Cosmopolitan, or even Victoria Secret, you will have an idea of what this type of boudoir shoot is all about. These kinds of shoots are typically all about the lingerie, poses, and attitude.

Pin-Up Style Boudoir

Like the fashion magazine boudoir shoots, pin-up style boudoir is still about the lingerie, the makeup is a little bit more, and the subject has to bring themselves up a little bit more. Whereas fashion magazine boudoir photography is more about posing, pin-up boudoir photography is more about the whole styling. This style is more quirky and fun. Think 1950s style photoshoots.

Getting Ready Boudoir

This is the easiest type of boudoir photography in Orange County. This type of boudoir is about getting undressed from the day or getting ready to go out. There are two stories being told. You are either getting ready or coming hold and taking it all off.

Escort Ad or Sexy Selfie

This kind of boudoir photography goes a step above. A lot of professional styling and makeup goes into these shoots, which means that not every boudoir photographer is going to be able to shoot these types of boudoir scenes. More cleavage is usually shown in sexy selfies, but the face is obscured from the photo.

Bring Your Best Self and Your Best Attitude to Your Shoot

You must have the ability to forgive yourself when you make mistakes and even understand that things might go wrong throughout the entirety of your shoot. Having the right attitude can help you overcome any setbacks that may occur during your shoot, whether the fault is yours, the photographer's, or happenstance. Forgiving yourself will allow you to move on and get the shots you want immediately.

Boudoir Photography Orange County

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